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Managed Services Made Simple

As an office equipment dealer, you’ve developed some strong relationships with your clients. You understand their business’s needs like few other vendors can. With this kind of knowledge, adding managed services to your business feels like a natural next step. Whether you have been thinking of adding managed IT services to your portfolio or are already offering managed services to your clients but are looking for a partner to further your success, you are in the right place.

Transform Your Office Equipment Dealership

Accelerate Business Growth

Create an IT services business inside your core business at exceptional margins. Once established, a mature managed services business will grow at a steady and predictable rate.

How to Implement Managed Services >>

Secure Your Customer Base

Recurring revenue models are known to create “sticky” vendor-client relationships. This means greater client communication, improved trust and a tendency to use a greater number of services from the same vendor—but only if they offer what the client needs.

Gain Cybersecurity Insights >>

Add New Recurring Revenue Streams

Managed services present constant opportunities to upsell, cross sell and upgrade existing deals by bringing new devices under management, taking on ad-hoc project work and upgrading between service tiers or bundled packages. The average managed services transaction is the equivalent of placing 20 copiers in the field.

Realize New Business Opportunity

Dealers utilize their MSP offering to secure first appointments and attract new customers. Once managed services customers are secured, dealers report that those customers typically go on to secure future printer and copier revenue.

Gain Advantage Over Your Competitors

There is an increasing shift in the market towards OEDs offering managed IT services, so being at the forefront of this shift will give earlier adopters an advantage over their competitors.

Why Add Managed Services to Your Portfolio >>

Partner for Increased Profitability

Partnership provides the lowest barrier to entry into managed services and a boost for those already offering services. A Master MSP like ConnectWise provides the solutions and labor that you need to deliver managed IT services with success. A recent independent study by Service Leadership Index shows that businesses who partner with a Master MSP yield 33% more in EBITDA than their peers that don’t partner.

Discover the Financial Impact of Partnership>>


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