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When it comes to cybersecurity, what your clients don’t know can really hurt them. And believe it or not, keep them safe starts with asking questions. With ConnectWise Identify, get access to risk assessment backed by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to uncover risks across your client’s entire business, not just their networks. With a clearly defined, easy-to-read risk report in hand, you can start having meaningful security conversations that can get you on the path of keeping your clients protected from every angle.

Dive Into the Features of ConnectWise Identify


Strategic Security Assessments

Choose from two assessment levels to cover every client’s need, from the Essentials to cover the basics to our Comprehensive Assessment to dive deeper to uncover additional risks.

security checks

Easy-to-Understand Results

Our intuitive heat map shows you your client’s overall risk level and priority to address risks based on probability and financial impact.

security compliance

CISO-Recommended Remediation

Each report includes remediation recommendations to help you create a revenue-generating action plan.

advanced security

Backed by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

ConnectWise Identify risk assessments are based on the internationally recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework to cover security risks across your and your clients’ entire business, not just the networks.

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Customer-Friendly Risk Report

Speak a common language with a brandable report decision-makers will actually understand

See a Sample Essentials Risk Assessment Report >>


Attestation Letter to Transfer Risk

Limit your risk with a written agreement of the security services and recommendations your clients decline with a letter of attestation.


Ongoing Reporting

Get a global view of all assessments you’ve run and the risk posture across your entire client base.


ConnectWise Manage Integration

Track risk assessments within your client records in ConnectWise Manage®.

Learn More About ConnectWise Manage >>

What Can ConnectWise Identify Do for Your TSP?

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

Go from a reactive, incident-based approach to a strategic, proactive discussion around risk to build strong client relationships with a long-term consultative approach to cybersecurity.

A Low-Cost, High-Value Practice for All Your Clients

Enterprise-level risk assessments talk a lot of time and cost a lot of money. ConnectWise Identify offers high-value, comprehensive risk assessments in less time and for only $99/month.

The Perfect Assessment for Each Client

Whether you want a quick snapshot of risk for a new client with our Essential Assessment or want to go deeper into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with a Comprehensive Assessment, ConnectWise Identify has a risk assessment for every client need.

Build a Revenue-Generating Roadmap

Risk assessments provide meaning, direction, and a roadmap for advanced security recommendations—whether products or services. Turn the top risks into an ongoing security project your client is more likely to buy into and budget for.

Focus on the Most Impactful Solutions

ConnectWise Identify prioritizes the risky activities that leave companies vulnerable to a security incident causing major damage so that you can focus your time on resolutions with the biggest impact.

See What Everyone Is Saying About ConnectWise Identify

"To prepare a security analysis usually requires a high level of resource involvement to perform the audit and correctly write up the output to present to the client. You'd end up having your best people do everything. ConnectWise Identify gave us the ability to produce a high-value security risk assessment of our clients with consistency and very minimal input on our end."

- Dan Scott, Quality and Project Manager, Complete IT Co UK

Do You Know Your Client’s Greatest Risks?

Based on over 1,000 risk assessments performed in ConnectWise Identify, 69% of SMBs haven’t identified and documented cybersecurity threats.

Discover More of the ConnectWise Platform

ConnectWise Fortify

ConnectWise Fortify® takes cybersecurity to new heights with advanced threat detection and response capabilities backed by the latest solutions and a 24/7 fully staffed SOC.

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