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As daily tasks and client demands grow, do you have the skills and techs to keep up? Rest easy with ConnectWise Assist expert services. From a single tech to a fully staffed Help Desk, get the talent you need to easily grow your business and provide the support your clients expect. Never be afraid to ask for a helping hand.

Explore the Expert Services of ConnectWise Assist

Why ConnectWise Assist?

The industry’s only software-integrated service delivery model
Always-on support and troubleshooting
Offload repetitive daily tasks to free your techs for high-value work
Unique expertise for special projects
Proactively resolves 90% of IT issues
Continuous alerting, ticket filtering, and consolidation

What Can ConnectWise Assist Do for Your TSP?


Expand Capabilities

Fully staffed Help Desk teams give you the expert support and guidance you need to deliver value to your clients without the massive technology and resource investment to build and maintain your teams in-house.


Boost Profits & Client Satisfaction

With added capabilities and skills from ConnectWise Assist, you’ll be able to provide better, faster support to maximize client satisfaction and drive results for both you and your clients’ businesses. Keep costs low to boost profits and get on the path to sustainable business growth.


Secure New Competencies

The talent and skills gap in IT continues to grow, but you’ve got an ace up your sleeve with ConnectWise Assist. Tackle whatever challenges your clients throw at you with experienced techs and never worry about recruiting, training, or retaining top talent every again.

employee training

Always Learning

Our techs receive monthly training to stay up to date on the latest software and industry trends, so whatever your clients throw your way, our techs are ready to respond.

delegate tasks

Embrace Scale

Are you looking to grow, but your budget is holding you back? ConnectWise Assist allows you to expand your services, take on more clients, and add more services without significant investments in time or money.

“My own team has been drowning in requests for user support, so the ConnectWise team gives us a way to improve customer satisfaction while freeing up my team for higher-value work. ConnectWise makes it possible for us to offer a help desk service where it just wouldn’t be possible internally.”

Clint Glanzer, Elite Technology
Partner Support