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It Takes a Flock

Built with multi-tenancy at its core, Perch is a co-managed threat detection and response platform (network and log-based intrusion detection supported by an in-house SOC). Our growing set of features includes threat intelligence management (TIP) and event logging (SIEM capabilities). Perch detects threats that slip past traditional defenses and offers deeper insight into alerts generated by your other tools. We work with all of your existing endpoint protection and other security products, and never require you to buy any additional solutions or change what you’re already using.

Perch & ConnectWise Manage

Perch syncs up nicely with your companies in ConnectWise Manage®, gives you real-time threat activity notifications, and creates tickets directly in ConnectWise Manage to document all threats for your customers.

Why Perch?

After an easy installation and setup, your network will be monitored by our certified analysts. The most daunting part of adding a managed security services practice is the massive cost of staffing. Leveraging the Perch SOC means you can add staff (and expertise) without adding headcount. How? We partner with you, handling threat detection and monitoring so that you can stay focused on driving revenue for your business. Perch features an optional Kibana-style view of raw network metadata so your team can participate; or use it as a window to watch our SOC do the dirty work.

Key Facts

Installed in under an hour, our sensors (physical or VM) are placed inside your firewall and monitor network traffic.

Connects to all major threat intel feeds, including Cisco® Talos, 比特币交易价格_莱特币行情homeland Security, and more. Customize how you connect to some or all of them.

Flexible SOC response times to fit your needs and budget.

Our analysts work each alert to validate real threats and identify false positives for you, so you can focus on business without hiring threat analysts.

Our web app allows you (and optionally, your customers) real-time access to view what’s happening on monitored networks.

SIEM event logging meets your customers’ compliance needs.

“With MSPs becoming targets, basically, we were becoming an insider threat to a lot of our clients. Being able to leverage Perch to help us with some of that and provide some guidance is a big benefit to us, because we know that we’ve got someone watching our back.”

- Jason Hahn, IT Operations Manager at Computer Solutions

Threat Detection Made Possible for MSPs

See how Perch’s in-house SOC takes care of the dirty work of threat detection to give you a robust security team without adding more staff.

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