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ConnectWise Foundation

The ConnectWise Foundation strives to support meaningful experiences that build strong communities while promoting a culture of philanthropy. We have a responsibility to give back to local communities in which we live and work and it is our mission to fund and promote initiatives that improve lives and the world around us. Each initiative we support is tied to a core philanthropic pillar of the foundation: Exposure to Technology, Youth Education & Mentoring, Environmental Sustainability, and Veterans. The ConnectWise Foundation is a merging and expansion of various legacy ConnectWise charitable efforts and the Continuum Veterans Foundation, which provides financial support to organizations to help Veterans find jobs in in the IT Industry. This year, the ConnectWise Foundation helped to sponsor teen technology business challenge for underserved youth, donated laptops to local elementary schools, provided over 600 volunteer hours to charitable organizations, donated over 200 holiday gifts and food to underprivileged kids and families, and 8,000 school supplies. The ConnectWise Foundation is a 501 c3.

ConnectWise Foundation Board Members

Jason Magee

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Poe

Chief Legal Officer

Geoffrey Willison

Chief Operating Officer

Arlin Sorenson

VP of Brand and Ecosystem Evangelism

Kathy Smith

Philanthropic Advisor


ConnectWise Foundation Intake Committee

Danielle Anderson

Senior Paralegal

Carin Thomley

VP of Corporate Finance and Tax

Brad Schow

VP of Consulting Services

Craig Fulton

Chief Customer Officer

Grace Lynch

Partner Communications Manager

Kathy Smith

Philanthropic Advisor

Tony Thomas

VP of Corporate Strategy

Connie Anderson

Program Manager


IT Nation Gives

IT Nation Gives, sponsored by the ConnectWise Foundation, is a half-day volunteer event for our partners, sponsors, and colleagues who attend IT Nation Connect and IT Nation Explore. IT Nation Gives provides an outlet for our community to help give back to local organizations. Throughout the events, we provide two ways to give back, either through an off-site or on-site activity. With so many people attending our IT Nation events every year, we see IT Nation Gives as a great opportunity to help give back to the community in which we live and work. This year, IT Nation Gives helped to provide over 200 volunteer hours, 10,000 meal kits, and 500 backpacks to the city of Orlando.

IT Nation Evolve Hands That Give Emergency Response Fund

The best communities are defined by a common cause, a degree of interdependence, and great trust. The strength of a community is most apparent, not when times are good, but rather in how its people pull together and respond to a disaster or tragedy befalling a fellow member. It is this very special function of community that is fulfilled by the Hands That Give Emergency Response Fund.

Whether it's a disaster, like a fire or flood, or a personal crisis, such as death or divorce, unfortunate events can have a terrible impact on a business's operation. Established by IT Nation Evolve Peer Group members, Hands That Give provides associated small business owners with essential financial assistance or donated equipment and services that will help carry their companies through difficult times. By standing together in support of peers, colleagues, and friends, we help them see the return of brighter days.

Partner Support

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