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Embark on Your Quest to Become an Impenetrable, Security-First Solutions Provider

Cybersecurity has caused quite a shift in IT. Threats and attacks go beyond what traditional security tools and solutions can stop, which means keeping the status quo will only make things worse. But adding or updating your security services isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. It’s a journey that takes time, education, and collaboration to keep solutions providers and SMBs out of harm’s way.

Where are You on Your Journey?

There are many steps to becoming a cybersecurity expert. How far along are you?
Starting Your Cybersecurity Journey

You understand that security is important and have a desire to add it to your services, but you don’t know where to begin. Even the most experienced security providers started here, so you’re in good company. This is your first step.

Start Your Journey >>

Expanding Your Cybersecurity Services

Your awareness and commitment to security are growing. You’re having more in-depth conversations with your clients and making strides to monetize your offerings. You’re looking to expand upon your cybersecurity portfolio and partner with an MSSP to answer the harder questions and provide the air cover you need to grow. You make recommendations but need to go a step further. Your journey continues.

Expand Your Journey >>

Formalizing Your Cybersecurity Expertise

You’re fully invested and look at all your services through the lens of security. You talk with your clients, offer a clearly defined roadmap for every security situation, and outline risk ownership. You’re a security-first MSP with the cybersecurity knowledge and certifications to become a trusted security advisor.

Formalize Your Journey >>

ConnectWise Software & Services

Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Detection & Response

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to change, you need the latest tools to keep up. With ConnectWise Fortify™, formerly a Continuum solution, equip your team with the tools required to engage in informed conversations with your SMB clients, provide endpoint and network detection and response capabilities, protect Microsoft® cloud-based apps from business email compromise and ransomware attacks, and assess overall risk on an ongoing basis. At the same time, leverage the expertise of a global SOC, operating 24/7 and staffed with cybersecurity experts.

The State of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity isn’t a fad. Your clients are waking up to the threats they face, and they’re making investments to improve their security. SMBs lack in-house security talent, and they’re looking outside of their businesses for help—and they’ve set their sights on you. Are you providing the ‘right’ solutions? If not, your clients will look to someone else.

This presents a challenge. You need the knowledge, solutions, and team to deliver the security your clients expect. We’re here to help by providing the products and education to deliver security yourself, experts to deliver security on your behalf, or the backing and support to deliver security together.

2020 IT Nation Secure Keynote

Hear from ConnectWise cybersecurity leaders, along with partners and solution thought leaders as they walk through the current landscape of cybersecurity and what MSPs can do to fight back.

Our Promise to You

We’re committed to delivering the industry’s best education, resources, software, services, and community for MSPs to build, deliver, and grow their cybersecurity services.

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