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There are still a lot of unanswered questions and plenty of unknowns, but as a business owner, your biggest question is “What’s Next?” You’ve responded to the business challenges of COVID-19 and know it’s time to set your sights on recovering. The ConnectWise COVID-19 Resource Library is here to provide relevant, free, and up-to-date content to read, watch, and share. Our assets include information about business resilience planning, rapid recovery, cybersecurity, remote workforce optimization, and more.

Planning for Recovery

To aid in your recovery efforts and to prepare your TSP to survive future catastrophic events and economic recessions, ConnectWise has collaborated with Paul Dippell of Service Leadership, Inc.® to create a series of Rapid Recovery assets. Learn best practices for survival, how to effectively cut costs and keep a positive net income, and what your financial risk is:

Be sure to tune in to these Inside the Industry Webinars featuring Paul Dippell:

Business Resilience Planning for COVID-19

Your business and services changed in an instant, and ConnectWise is here to offer the support you need to stay resilient and get on the path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. From product and remote work information to cybersecurity best practices and business management resources, see how ConnectWise is helping you and your team keep working and supporting your clients.

Access Your Partner Success Pit Crew

For existing ConnectWise partners, the Partner Success team is here to help you utilize the ConnectWise products to their fullest extent, including optimizing and securing your remote workforce. Whether you want to discuss product best practices or work through evaluating your business processes, the Partner Success team is available to you.

As your personal pit crew, the Partner Success team is ready to refuel, adjust, and tune your business and the platform during this time of need so it can operate at peak performance.

Partner Support

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