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ConnectWise is the longest-running, market-leading software platform for technology solution providers (TSPs). The ConnectWise platform is used by more TSPs around the world than any other software provider. So, in a way, you could say we help keep the IT world spinning.

ConnectWise Through the Years

A lot has happened since our days as an IT service provider in Tampa, FL, in the early 80s. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and share some of the highlights that made us who we are today.

ConnectWise Timeline

  1. Masterbrand Transition of Continuum Solutions

    The legacy Continuum products have been transitioned to the ConnectWise master brand as the next step towards the unified ConnectWise platform.

    Launched IT Nation Secure, cybersecurity by ConnectWise

    To ignite and enable a community of cybersecurity focused MSPs by providing an industry specific cybersecurity framework, supporting education, an aligned certification path, and delivering thought leadership for securing today’s digital landscape.

  2. Thoma Bravo Acquires ConnectWise

    ConnectWise is acquired by Thoma Bravo and Jason Magee is named CEO.

    First IT Nation Connect Hosted in Australia

    ConnectWise hosts its inaugural partner summit in the Australia.

    Launched ConnectWise Identify

    ConnectWise Identify, a cybersecurity risk assessment tool that identifies critical risks and outlines a plan to remediate them, is launched.

    ConnectWise Acquires Continuum, BrightGauge and ITBoost

    Continuum, provider of advanced RMM, security, BDR solutions and expert services, BrightGauge, KPI and data management software, and ITBoost, a next-generation IT documentation solution, join the ConnectWise family.

  3. ConnectWise Acquires HTG Peer Groups

    HTG Peer Groups, an international consulting, coaching, and peer group organization, becomes a member of the ConnectWise family.

    ConnectWise Acquires HashInclude

    HashInclude, a cloud-centric software development team with expertise in IaaS, platform integrations, and microservice development, becomes a member of the ConnectWise family.

    IT Nation Rebrand

    ConnectWise unveils plans to consolidate all conferences, networking, and training events under The IT Nation brand. IT Nation is now IT Nation Connect, Automation Nation is now IT Nation Explore, ConnectWise User Groups is now IT Nation Share, and HTG Peer Groups is now IT Nation Evolve.

    Perch Security Investment

    Already an important provider of endpoint security, ConnectWise is moving to round out its security offerings by investing in Perch.

    ConnectWise Acquires The Sienna Group

    The Sienna Group, a consulting company focused on data security and GRC solutions servicing both enterprise and managed services companies, becomes a member of the ConnectWise family.

  4. First IT Nation Hosted in the United Kingdom

    ConnectWise hosts its inaugural partner summit in the United Kingdom.

  5. Launched Master Brand

    Streamlined product and company branding with master brand strategy. LabTech is now ConnectWise Automate, Quosal is now ConnectWise Sell, ScreenConnect is now ConnectWise Control.

  6. ConnectWise Acquires ScreenConnect

    ScreenConnect, a remote control and remote access solution, becomes a member of the ConnectWise family.

  7. ConnectWise Acquires Quosal

    Quosal, a quote and proposal solution, becomes a member of the ConnectWise family.

    First Automation Nation

    ConnectWise hosts its inaugural product focused event.

  8. ConnectWise Acquires LabTech

    LabTech, a remote monitoring and management solution, becomes a member of the ConnectWise family.

  9. ConnectWise launches User Groups in North America and Internationally

    Regional, one-day events for ConnectWise partners to learn best product practices, network and share advice with each other.

  10. First IT Nation

    ConnectWise hosts its inaugural partner Summit.

  11. PSA Software Released

    The first version of the ConnectWise PSA software is released.

  12. Company Founded

    ConnectWise is founded to provide IT solutions to SMBs in Tampa, Florida.

Who We Are

ConnectWise is filled with a bunch of tech-loving, passionate people who just want to make IT better. From the top down, we are all dedicated to pushing our partners, and the industry as a whole, further.

Join the Team!

Think you’d be a good fit with ConnectWise? View open opportunities and send your resume our way!

What We Believe

Our partners are at the center of everything ConnectWise does. We continue to build a flexible platform, grow our ecosystem of peers, vendors, and solutions, and provide the support and services to help you realize the business goals you’ve only dreamed of.

Our core values keep us focused on doing it right:
We Obsess with Partner Success

We’re intensely passionate and personally committed to the success of our Partners, our colleagues, and the IT industry as a whole.

Breathe Innovation

We value innovation and believe that anything is, in fact, possible. We take risks while learning from our mistakes and each other.

Your Voice; Your Company

Everyone can make a difference. We encourage leadership at all levels of ConnectWise, with a focus on trust, collaboration, and diversity of opinions.

Deliver on What You Say

Strive to put ideas into action. ConnectWise is built on a strong foundation of trust and integrity with transparent leadership.

Love What You Do

Inspiration trumps ego at ConnectWise, and we love what we do. We work with a focus, desire, and a relentless pursuit of creating the best platform in the IT industry.

Play as a Team

We value and serve our partners, as well as our colleagues, without pride or arrogance, always working together toward a better future for all.

What We Do & How We Help

We believe TSPs have the power to transform how business gets done. We sum up our approach with a flexible platform that connects you to the software, services, and people that allow you to run and grow your business.

Got It!

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We Love Where We Work

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  • Tampa, FL, USA
  • London, UK
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Boston, MA, USA

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  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Bothell, WA, USA
  • Harlan, IA, USA
  • Houston, TX, USA
  • Miami, FL, USA
  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • Raleigh, NC, USA

Other Offices (International)

  • Bangalore, India
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